Carbonless Forms

The construction of edge-glued carbonless forms is an essential process. Workplaces worldwide rely on carbonless forms to keep track of records without difficulty. Today, carbonless forms are the best ways to store important data and have them at hand at all times.

Why Choose Carbonless Paper?

Carbonless papers are 5-part and can help present your data in different shades of color. Different color options help you color code your information according to the definitions which you want to set. For bookkeeping duties, you can have diverse sectors according to different categories. 

‘Carbonless’ also means that you do not need to have the carbon paper installed and it will be chemically coated. This means that when you press your pen down on the top part of the paper set, you will find that the ink travels all the way through.

Edge-Glued Forms

As the name applies, an edge-glued form carbonless paper is glued between the pages with special glue. This helps a collection of paper to form a set, and then you can easily remove each page of the form. There are different weighted paper sets that you can find.

The 20-pound carbonless form is the same weight as the paper you find in your copier or printer. Aside from the weight, there are some prevalent differences between the two categories, 20 pounds and 15 pounds. These differences stem from how they are manufactured.

15-pound carbonless forms consist of rolls of paper glued in line on a collator. On the other hand, to make twenty-pound carbonless forms, you need to use pre-collated sheets of paper, and after printing, you need to put them on a rack and pad them using padding glue. The special formulation of the glue only adheres to the interior pages. This means that when the glue dries, you can easily remove the paper as individual sets.

Ordering Carbonless Forms

There are many sizes of carbonless papers that you can find. Whenever someone orders a carbonless form, they will likely come back and change it. If you are ordering carbonless forms, start with only a hundred forms, field-test them, and use them to see if they fit your work preferences.

You will likely find that you either need more paper or more space in a certain part of the form. Simply ordering a hundred forms and spending less money will benefit you, so change it according to how you need it.

Final Thoughts

Carbonless forms can help solve plenty of problems for workspaces. They can help segment your records and work according to importance. They can also help fill out multiple forms simultaneously, saving time and energy. You don’t even have to make much effort to purchase carbonless forms; simply order online and get the best quality carbonless forms quickly.